Best Friend Canine Camp

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 Recently we came across a situation where dogs had gathered at a local property and started breeding out of control. Over a few litter more showing up and them getting less and less socialized with the world it became a problem. In collaberation between a few rescues we were able to start recieving dogs from this situation. We started with a few of the older ones and began to socialize them. Within days we were able to aproach them and pet them. Within a few weeks they were starting to walk on a leash like a normal dog and eat treats from our hands.

Most recently we started working on the puppies. We were able to get one of the moms and thirteen puppies. The mom instantly followed her motherly instinck and began feeding not only her four but the other nine as well. With fresh bottled goat milk to help take some of the burden off of the mom they are all gaining weight and begining to walk well and use the potty pads.